‘Child Abuse and Protection Contemporary issues in research, policy and practice’

by Antonia Bifulco &‎ Julia Davidson

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‘Understanding Adult Attachment in Family Relationships: Research, Assessment and Intervention’

by Antonia Bifulco &‎ Geraldine Thomas

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‘Online Offending Behaviour and Child Victimisation: New Findings and Policy’

by Stephen Webster,‎ Julia Davidson and Antonia Bifulco

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Wednesday-s-Child cover

‘Wednesday’s Child: Research into Women’s Experience of Neglect and Abuse in Childhood and Adult Depression@

by Antonia Bifulco & Patricia Moran

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Online Groomers cover

‘Online Groomers: Policing, Profiling and Prevention’

by Julia Davidson & Petter Gottschalk

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‘Identity, Attachment and Resilience: Exploring Three Generations of a Polish Family’

by Antonia Bifulco

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‘Child Sexual Abuse: Media Representations and Government Reactions: Media Representation and Government Reactions’

by Julia Davidson.

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Entrepreneurship-for-Everyone book cover

‘Entrepreneurship for Everyone: A Student Textbook’

co-authored by Antonia Bifulco

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Internet Child Abuse book cover

‘Internet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy’

by Julia Davidson & Peter Gottschalk

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